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Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty By Diamond Kote

The Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty covers road hazard damage to your tires. Road hazards consist of any condition on a public roadway which should not be there. Punctures from potholes, nails, glass and jagged metal, as well as construction materials and road cracks can cause tire failure and are covered under this warranty.


If a road hazard flattens one or more of your tires, simply return to your selling Dealership. Diamond Kote will reimburse your Dealership for the cost to repair your tires. If the tires cannot be safely repaired new comparable replacement tires will be installed at no cost to you. Replacement tires are not pro-rated. Mounting, balancing and installation are all covered under the Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty with no deductible.

Your winter tires are also covered under your Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty at no additional cost if they are purchased from your selling Dealership.

Transport Canada States:
"Without proper maintenance, such as correct inflation pressure, tires could suddenly fail, causing you to lose control of your vehicle"


My car already has a manufacturer's warranty, why do I need the Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty?

The manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage to your tires. The Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty will ensure that your tires will be repaired or replaced when damaged by road hazards.

What do I do when I have a flat tire?

Return to your selling Dealer and your tire will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. Refer to your warranty for details.